Why Write A Book? Let Me Count The Ways

Being an author marks a course in miracles The Expert. Your book notches up your status with others who call themselves experts. It enhances the influence you have, and you become the go-to person to solve a problem. You can parlay your expertise into appearances within the media or use it to develop/enhance a speaking career. Writing a book isn’t a piece of a cake like many “think”-it takes discipline, focus, a vision, and oh yes, courage. Those who are looking for a “voice” for a situation, as well as a solution, search for those who have taken the time and energy to provide it. Enter the author-you.

#2 Your book creates The Credibility Factor. Creating a book with substance and quality says reams about who and what you are. You’ve done the research; you’ve done a study; you’ve done the interviews; you’ve written a story that the reader falls into; you’ve written with delightful humor; you’ve painted a palette of words with the eye of an artist… you’ve created a work that says you’re the one to go to… whether it’s just a story to dive into, a source for solutions, or a read to share with a child. The Credibility Factor is a true badge of honor.

#3 Get free publicity… the media likes authors. Yes, they do. Pitching to them with the right hook at the right time will land you. Do they ever bite? Absolutely. Even if you contact them outside your topic and your book’s expertise, just having the book credential gets more than a toe in the media door. It’s the Credibility Factor. You are an author. An expert. The media likes the package. Do you have an opinion? If it has the right hook to it, you are in. It’s easier to get featured when you have a book.

#4 Books make great marketing tools. Some say that they are a “calling card” to be handed out liberally. Others use chapters and position them as freebies on the Internet, on blogs, within newsletters and magazines of groups that the book will cater to. Think book cover-create a snappy postcard with the cover on one side; a key message to your crowd; and a suggestion for them to engage you, hire you as a speaker, buy your book. Create a campaign rotating different thoughts. Snail mail them, of course. You will be amazed with your results.

#5 Books support a speaking career. This is where having the Expert Factor flies in your door. You’ve got a book. You have a mouth. Put them together. Sending your book and placing it physically in the hands of a meeting planner, as well as extra copies for a decision committee, moves you into a short list position. By determining the theme for the meeting or conference, you can create a “hook” to tie in the topic of your book directly – creating a partnership. Offer free articles for the group’s newsletters, always mentioning the title of your book. Support pre-sales as well as on site sales.

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