What Sells Self Published Books Today

Now if you think of this way of choosing a book you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. The first question in my mind is “Does this acim bookstore I do” and the second question would be, “Is this reviewer trying to pawn of a book because it is what the majority of the public might enjoy or is he being paid in one way or another to offload this book”. The most important thing is this isn’t the way we choose books anymore.

If you are like me, you go to the internet whether on Amazon or wherever you choose to buy your books and you select one that has been reviewed by a jury of your peers. Most people will choose a book based on the reviews by people who have read it.
People prefer this way of choosing books because the review is by someone just like them who has already read the book and given their opinion.

When the good and bad reviews are taken into consideration, you can see that the overall review is honest because people like to give their opinion and few people will purposely try to lead another person astray. You usually won’t find an organized horde of people getting together with the sole purpose of making the author look bad.

As an author your job is simple, get favorable reviews for your book. No, don’t call up all of your long lost relatives and tell them to post a bunch of good reviews for your book, trust me people will see through your devious plan.

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