Why are astrology and astronomy called twin sisters?

It is said that astrology and astronomy originated from the same roots thousands of years ago. Even a few centuries ago, astronomy and astrology readings were considered to be the same things. But with the advancement of science, each and every practice had to give scientific evidence to prove its usefulness. 

Astronomy passed this test with flying colors and was taken up as a science but unfortunately astrology was unable to give adequate scientific evidence and was given the status of a pseudoscience and due to this reason the twin sisters parted ways forever.

How is astrology different from astronomy?

There is a marked difference between astronomy and astrology. Astronomy is the scientific study of the celestial objects such as stars, galaxies, planets, etc. whereas astrology uses the positions of the planet and relates it to the events of a person’s life.

Astronomy tells about the universe and various aspects of the solar system and the celestial bodies. On the other hand, astrology utilizes the information related to planets and stars and attempts to draw a connection between the celestial bodies and human affairs. 

 As per the astrologers in Pune, astrology is based on astronomy but is not equivalent to it. The main reason behind this difference is that astronomical calculations are the same for everyone and therefore, can be taken as a standard value but the effects of a particular planet might be different for different individuals. 

Why do people still believe in astrology?

Although many people consider astrology to be a leisurely passtime, there are many who still believe in this genuine practice and base the important decisions of their lives on the basis of astrology. 

So how is it that even after lack of scientific evidence, astrology still remains to be a trustworthy practice that plays a major role in people’s daily lives? The reason is that astrology may not be a science but the predictions made by the astrologer have worked for the betterment of people since many centuries and continues to do so. 

The concept of astrology is very simple. According to the top astrologer in india, every individual is unique and therefore, their horoscope charts are unique as well. No two horoscope charts are the same because every person has their own destiny based on their karmic actions. 

As the karma of a person changes, so does their fate and therefore, only they hold the power to change their destiny. This is what astrology teaches them and guides them to the right direction that leads them to fame and fortune. 

While astronomers tell about the external nature of celestial bodies, astrologers deal with those aspects of planets where their positions can hamper the functioning of the lives of the people on earth. 

And it is an established fact that many people have got solutions to their problems through the medium of astrology. So, even this twin sister has not retained its outer beauty (scientific evidence), it still holds its inner beauty (guiding people and solving their problems). 

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