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Blackberry has brought another proud production which is named as Blackberry planar magnetic headphones. Blackberry has given a whole different look to this smart phone the most noteworthy and significant thing about this smart phone is that blackberry finally gets rid of the physical keyboard that’s usually be seen in almost every smart phone manufacture or produced by blackberry. It’s a complete touch screen with a smooth finish and refined design,The Inescapable Force - Blackberry Motion  Articles sophisticated camera, mega battery and most of all a very tempting look. Now it’s time to get up close with this newest unveiled smart phone from black berry in order to get to know about this smart phone wholly.

Refined DesignSince the modern era is revolutionized by technology you witness abundant of smart phone with great and exciting design. The Motion smart phone blackberry is something more and it comes up with the most fascinating design you ever witnessed in a smart phone. It is constructed with aluminum casing that ambiance the unit completely, take a look at the back it has a very smooth back which gives you silky soft feeling while holding the phone. Motion smart phone is pack with stout bezels on both top and bottom sides of the phone they are rounded and by the sides this smart phone possess a whole new look. The front bottom is loaded with physical home button that’s the only button in the phone which will help you navigate from one app to another easily. The home button is integrated with the fingerprint sensor to enhance the security in your smart phone so you can lock and unlock the phone with your finger prints only. Among the presence of home button and fingerprint sensor it has a standard android capacitive touch keys also. Other noticeable thing is that the home button is marked with the black berry trademark. The bottom of the smart phone is also has 3.5mm audio jack slot with the USB Type-C port. To make the front of the smart phone stronger it is layered with nano diamond cut coating that’s much stronger then the gorilla glass.

On the right side of the front you can see the volume controller keys and the power button which helps you to conveniently turn on the phone and manage the volume the way you want. New addition to this smart phone black berry is the IP67 rating that makes the motion only blackberry phone to be water and dust resistant. The phone will be able to hold up absorption of water to the depth of 1 meter to a estimated time of 30 minutes or so in the fresh and clean water. Let’s check out the back the motion has a great picture shooting camera on the top side of the back with the LED flash. The camera is border with the same color outlined to separate the camera to the rest of the back, at a very tiny distance you can see the black berry Logo which is quite visible for the user beside this the user will observe the stripes or the lining on the phone which looks pretty catchy to the eyes and feel nice in hands, despite the big screen size you can easily fit and hold the phone in your hand and one handed operation can be done effortlessly. Black berry is simply design the phone refreshingly and it does surely have a refined design which is appealing and noticeable.

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