The Grand History of the Video Slot Machine

The history of video daftar slot bonus new member 100 di awal machines shows they took quite a time to catch on. The traditional slot machine games had been going for a little more than 50 years before any real adjustments or innovations were made to how things would work.

The first step closer to video gaming via slots came in 1964, when the Bally company upgraded the one armed bandit. They started replacing some of the mechanical elements of the slot with electrical parts rather than springs. These also added some lights, and for the first time, the chance to bet multiple coins, an integral part of all of today’s slots.

It wasn’t though, until 1975, that the first of these new generation slot games came into being. It was designed by a man called Walt Fraley and it was called “Fortune Coin”. At first, gamers were dismissive of the new slot. They had an instinctive distrust of the fact it was electronic, and that you couldn’t see physical reels that really were spinning. To some extent, people are always worried a computer could fix things the way a mechanical device couldn’t. A little of that suspicion even remains today despite the fact computers are now such an integral part of everyday life.

What probably earned the new games acceptance was the creation of the video poker machine. These became a big hit in Vegas, and once they had made electronic gaming seem acceptable, then video slots started to become the slot machine games to play. Nowadays, at every casino video screens are the norm, those slots with the arms to pull and reels are there for nostalgia value.

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