The Do-Everything Modern House – Home, Office and Private Space

The modern home can be many things at one time. For nearly a quarter of working Australians, it’s a place for business, as well as a home. For everyone, it’s a very private space, the place you want to be, as well as a family home. The new building constructions on the Sunshine Coast are the best examples of the new modern Jupiter architects at work and play. The fact is that the modern home really does have to fulfill multiple roles. The old 1950s suburban lifestyle is well and truly gone, and your home has to be your castle in more ways than one.

A home: The home provides the true personal space everyone needs. This is the wind-down zone, and a place you create according to your own tastes and preferences. A person’s home is a critical factor in defining quality of life.

The family space: It’s no coincidence that nobody ever forgets their first family home. Family space is family territory, and the modern house provides that space. This is an extended version of personal space. Every room has its personality, and every occupant contributes to the creation of a real family home.

A home office: Working at home is now so popular, and so cost-effective, it’s becoming a way of life for many Australians. It’s also a great way to do business, extremely efficient, and convenient. Some people would say you could buy a house for the money you save on road commuting and parking alone.

The home studio: A lot of people use their homes as creative places. Musicians, artists, web designers, architects, engineers, writers and others usually turn their homes into works in progress. For these people, the home is literally their production area, as well as where they live. This apparent chaos, however, is actually good organization, and there’s nowhere they’d rather work than home.

The kids place: As every parent knows, the home actually belongs to the kids. It’s their own personal empire. That means their place has to be as safe as houses, while being a great place to grow up and have fun. Nobody would want it any other way.

The garden and the backyard: These are Australian icons in their own right. Most people who’ve ever tried to get Australians out of either of them soon give up. It’s interesting to note that many Australian lifestyles, houses, backyards and gardens are built like they’re designed to be together. They’re inseparable.

New home builders on the Sunshine Coast have definitely got the message. All the new modern homes they’re building are quintessentially Australian. They’re building in the new lifestyles and the favorite pastimes with all mod cons and a lot of room to live.

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