The security system quotes at your family and your home is their safety. And thus the idea of advanced home security system comes into picture. The concept of home automation and its safety has been around since late 1970s. But during the course of time with the advancement of technology, our expectation from home has changed a lot and so have the idea of home automation and its security systems. If we look at different home automation systems over time, they have always tried to provide efficient, convenient and safe ways for home inhabitants to access their homes [1] .

Although user’s expectations have changed and technology is advanced but the role of a home security system has remained the same. And if your family members are safe and secure, you can live in tranquility. But is this really happening in current scenario where the crime rates are ever rising? Most of us often overlook and ignore the importance of home security. The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) takes burglary very seriously. We understand that it can be both financially costly and emotionally devastating for victims and their families [2] . Proper timely precautions can save you with all such consequences. And installing a smart security system and turning your home into smart home can be the solution to all these problems; providing such security system is hassle-free and user-friendly. Smart home can be also known as automated home or intelligent home which indicates the automation of daily tasks with electrical appliances used in homes [3] . By intelligent remote monitoring, the user can have remote access to the home. And in case if any trespasser tries to enter the home, the user will be immediately intimated with this unusual activity by the system. These advanced home security systems will work as “Virtual Watch Guard” of your home. It has many advantages; e.g., it will protect your home from trespasser, help you to monitor your home remotely. You can also keep watch on kids or elderly people left at home which gives the sense of security and peace of mind. This feeling of having a safe home will itself help you to be more productive and focused.

You might live in a reliable and sound neighborhood, but crime happens everywhere. Criminals might try to break into your home but having a predefined plan in place will protect your family members and personal property. Such plan is very essential to your security. It is essential to make sure that everyone in your family knows the correct safety measures and also knows how to enable and disable any safety features or alarms in your home. Thus putting together a safety plan at home will keep each one on the same page.

To do an investigative study for home security, we conducted a survey of various people from different backgrounds like people living in urban, suburban or rural areas, working or non-working people, and the ones who stay in different types of accommodations like a flat, row home or a villa. In this survey, we also considered people who have kids staying at home and/or aged parents who wish to live independently. Then an evaluation of currently installed security system is done and using that we have tried to find out different security measures adopted by the users. At the end of this survey we will also try to find out their opinion about advanced security system.

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