How to Write a Book for Your Small Business and Publish It On Your Website

The entire aim of your a course in miracles is to inform your prospective readers. By informing, you build trust. When people trust you, they will hire you or buy your product(s) when needed.

How to choose which format to publish your book?

For my first 2 books I made them available only as a download PDF (for free) plus mailed out a self-published hard copy. All requests required that my prospective customers sign up for my newsletter (called an opt-in form). It was interesting – one of my books was requested often, but another one much less so.

The book that was not widely requested, I decided to publish it entirely on the website entirely. That book published entirely online now receives a good number of views – so I assume it contributes to that website’s high conversion rate.

You’ll have to test your offerings. However, if you decide to publish your book entirely online in a series of web pages, be committed to that format. That is a lot of content (great for search engine optimization), but if you remove it, you remove a lot of great content which could hurt your SEO.

I know the marketing community is big about getting people to sign up through a form requesting your book which adds them to your e-mail list, but sometimes, publishing your book entirely online in a series of web pages can have a better result by building credibility. The key is that your prospective customers read your book so that you build trust and credibility. It’s a strategic decision.

At the end of the day, it’s better to have a book regardless of how you offer it, than no book at all.

One final note about offering your book through having your prospective customers sign up for your e-mail list. I’ve found that offering free mini-reports addressing a specific problem to be more effective than offering an entire book.

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