Vape pens are portable, battery-operated devices that vaporize substances like cannabis. Also called vaporizers, Relx Pods pens are understated in their design and often refillable, making them a slimline and practical option for numerous users. They’re also varied and customizable, offering all colors, flavors, and substances for both seasoned and unseasoned users.

Smoke-free: With vaping, no flames, carbon monoxide, or tar are produced, like with regular smoking. This makes them much better for your lungs. Movable: Vape pens are portable, sleek, and odorless, making it easier for you to move around with them. There are also no flames or smoke emitted with vape pens, which means it will attract less attention.

Ease of use: Vape pens are easy to use, thanks to pre-filled cartridges, temperature regulation, batteries, and other additional features. Heating chamber or atomizer: Where the oil or e-liquid gets heated and vaporized using power from the battery. Loading your vape pen with pre-filled oil cartridges is a quick and easy process. All you do is unscrew the empty cartridge counterclockwise and put a new one in by screwing it in the other direction until it’s secure. Do not tighten it too much as this can cause damage.

Once you’ve loaded your vape pen, you can start using it via the activation buttons, depending on the model you have. In most cases, a standard vape pen will require five clicks to turn it on, three to set the heat, and five again to turn it off. Keep in mind that the button heats the chamber when it’s pressed, so make sure it is pressed when you take a hit. But, holding it for too long when you’re not using it can burn the heating element. If your vape pen doesn’t have a button, it is an auto-draw version: you simply need to inhale. If you are not used to vape pens, make sure you start with small draws until you become well acquainted with the product.

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