Greyhound Betting – Straight Bets and Exotics

Dogs and humans have been partners for thousands of years, all over the world. Horse racing has been a common attraction and opportunity for sports سایت بت فوروارد با فیلترشکن since horses were first domesticated, but the same has not been true of dog races. In fact, compared to many other types of sports betting, dog racing is a relative newcomer to the field.

Dog racing was not actually a sport until the early part of the 20th century. In 1912, the first artificial hare was invented. This object became the focus of the dogs, who would race against each other while chasing it. The sport itself flourished almost immediately in countries across the world. It was a good alternative to horse racing, which was seen as the rubric of higher class individuals. Middle class working people found something they could identify with and afford on the dog track, as well as an animal they could truly identify with.

Dog races, of course, feature greyhounds almost exclusively. It is one of the only forms of sports betting that is legal in most countries all over the world, although it is much more popular in some nations than in others. Because dog racing is similar in nature to horse racing, it should come as no surprise that greyhound betting options are the same as those in horse betting. Let’s take a quick look.

Exotic bets allow for a little more fun and action, as they tend to take place over several different races and you may select different animals rather than just one. There are actually quite a few of these types of bet, but we will just highlight the most popular: ACROSS THE BOARD bets are those which select one dog to win, place, and show. If the dog comes in first, then all three bets pay. Second means a payout for place and show, and third is show. These bets cost triple a single bet in the same category, but obviously the payout is more.

COMBINATIONS are bets placed on three or four dogs, and the selection in which they will finish. DAILY DOUBLES are bets in which the bettor selects the winners of the first two races that day. These bets are placed before the first race begins. JACKPOTS are different from one track to the next in terms of the rules and selections. Generally, the bettor will select six dogs to win in six different races, in order to share a cut of the Jackpot.

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