Facets of Christianity in 2035

An analysis of the growth of jesus a gospel of love a gravitational shift towards Asia, Africa and Latin America, while in the West it takes on a more metamorphic state, changing to reflect new trends, and stagnating in some instances. Tickle agrees with the latter argument as she put forward her theory of an emergent Christian movement heavily influenced by the Old Testament laws.

In order to envision imminent changes as the journey towards 2035 escalates, it is important to study and analyze external as well as internal changes which may metamorphosize religious faith as it is known today. An examination of technological, political, and cultural trends highlights three possible faces of faith, outside of main stream Christianity as we move towards 2035. The first one is the belief without affiliation face, the second is the new secularized Church and the final one is the continuous growth of multi-denominations.

The scenery dominating the road towards 2035 will be peopled with two types of Christians; the conservative and the progressive. The conservatives will employ “sola scriptura,” and follow the New Testament precepts. They will maintain that the Bible is the infallible word of God and the sole authority which should govern Christian living. They will not acknowledge the changes around them and its impact on Christianity. These people will operate like a horse with blinders, look steadfastly ahead; they will predict the changes they see as signs of the end times. They will draw Biblical passages to support their beliefs, ignoring any exegetical strategies which may provide a better understanding of scripture. Any material written to help them to assist and cope with emerging changes will be seen as efforts of the anti-Christ to thwart their beliefs.

They will hold firm to their core beliefs and traditions. This group will continue to believe that God is the guide to all things and He will ensure the continued success of the Church. The progressive Christians, on the other hand, will not rely solely on “sola scriptura” as the sole authority to govern Christian living. This group is most likely to question the Bible and its relevance to their society. They will be more aware of changing trends and how the trends impact their faith. This group will not be satisfied with biblical quotes as answers to their questions but instead will seek clarification, and answers to satisfy their quests. They are “action” Christians, because they will be willing to take actions as new trends emerge which may help them better understand their surroundings and their relationship to God. It is from this latter group from which the three faces of spirituality will be born.

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