Does Money Like You? A Real Look at Your Relationship With Money

“I’ve always had a great relationship with ماكينة عد النقود وكشف التزوير, even when I barely had any to relate to. I never feared not having it and never obsessed about what I had…. For me, money has always been about an energy exchange, following the law of cause and effect. I give my energy to the work and in exchange am rewarded with a different form of energy-money.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

First, let me ask you something: Do you like money? “What kind of question is that?” you may be thinking. “Doesn’t everyone like money?” The answer is no. Even though most people say they want more of it, they may not be aware that they don’t like money. They may want the greater security and the more luxurious lifestyle that it can provide, but they don’t like what they think comes with having more money – a lot of stress, worry, and hassle. To some, money is like that intimidating person who bought you nice things only when you were good; when you were bad, you got scolded. To others, money is that elusive person they really want to befriend who won’t hang around long enough for a friendship to blossom.

Imagine for a moment that money is a person sitting across a table from you. What does Money look like? What type of person is Money? Is Money friendly and trustworthy? Or is Money distant, cold, and judgmental? What would Money say to you? Answering these questions will give you insight into your relationship with Money and into how you feel about Money. If Money is cold and uncaring, never there when you need it, you really don’t trust Money-and we generally don’t like people we don’t trust. If Money is ruthless and unforgiving, you don’t feel safe around Money-and we generally don’t like people who make us feel unsafe. If Money is critical and judgmental, you feel insignificant and maybe angry around Money-and we generally don’t like people with whom we feel inferior or resentful. So I ask you once again: Do you like money?

But the big question is, how does Money feel about you? Does Money trust you and feel safe around you? Can it count on you to treat it with the respect? Does it love to hang around you and enjoy your company? If you’re not sure, step into the shoes of Money for a moment, sitting across from you. As Money, would you enjoy hanging out with someone who sees you as uncaring, unreliable, and judgmental? Probably not. How about someone who sees you as ruthless, unforgiving, and scary? Again, probably not your favorite person to be around. But would you enjoy the company of someone who sees you as loving, trustworthy, and always caring? Absolutely. And how about friendly, dependable, and always there for you when you’re in need? Of course you’d want to hang out with someone like that!

Money operates in exactly these ways. Money is energy. It likes to be around other energy that appreciates it, trusts it, and respects it. Personifying money allows us to see how we might be putting off money, just as we may put off people with our attitudes about them. If we think about Money as a person, we see where we could change our views of it, in order to transform the relationship into one that Money would love to be part of. What old beliefs about Money do you want to get rid of? What new beliefs would you like to adopt to improve your relationship with Money? Who do you need to become for Money to like you?

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