Christianity – How to Worship at Church

I want you to think of today’s most popular music. Do you immediately think of a church and organ setup? Probably not. Yet many churches are furnished with organs. At the same time most libro de ucdm leaders are struggling to stay relevant. Yet most people do not find organ music to be their musical taste. So then, why do churches use organs anyway?

Let’s start with a little history. Back in the days when there was no electricity, and churches became more and more popular and highly attended a problem arose: music. How do you satisfy the musical needs of large churches without electrical amplification?

The answer of course was to find the most powerful instrument of its day – the organ. Back in those days many organs operated by water. The gravitational weight of water forced air through the huge pipes of an organ. This produced a sound that was so powerful it could easily drown an acoustic guitar. In fact, the sound was so powerful it could easily overpower most instruments of its time.

Back in those days there was a vision: lets create music that is bold, loud, and powerful enough to accompany thousands of voices singing. It was the “cutting edge” instrument of the day. The organ provided the ultimate power to produce powerful, music that topped all other music of its day.

But something happened. Just as Aaron and the people of Israel formed a golden calf from the blessings of Egypt, so we have formed an idol out of the blessings of yesterday – the organ. As stupid as it sounds, there are many people in traditional churches that worship the organ. They would not give it up for anyone. They claim that other music don’t sound like “church” music and the organ is just universally accepted as the “church” instrument. They equate organ music with worship music.

In their “organ worship” they lose the original vision of the church: to provide the highest quality, most powerful, most modern music; producing the “cream of the crop” in modern music. They lose sight of the church’s original vision for music. In so doing the world progresses beyond the church in musical advancement. This is all due to influential church members who would rather cling to the past, and forget the ever-increasing need for the church to be on the cutting edge of music.

Some even demand that they will not have any other music in church except organ music, yet they go home and listen to contemporary music. Hypocrites they are! Double-standard people who inhibit the growth of the church.

Having said that, we must forcefully advance beyond the limitations of certain church members, and certain paradigms. We must march forward, musically, to provide the absolute best music the world has ever heard. Church music should include any style, as long as the heart of the music, and the spirit of the musician is that of true praise, worship, adoration, and love for the LORD.

Church music must inspire us toward heaven. Church music must be exciting. When you go to a secular concert you never have to ask the people to stand. They do in excitement! This is the way it should be in church.

You should never have to ask people to raise their hands, or stand, or sing. They should do so because the church has provided an environment conducive to this kind of extravagant worship.Workplace (Church) Habits to Break for Lead Pastors

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