Buying Sanctuary Seating For Your Church

With a new generation of christian mysticism goers comes new needs. Determining the appropriate church chairs to be used for sanctuary seating arrangement can be difficult, especially with multiple congregations who may prefer traditional settings over contemporary settings or vice versa. In this environment innovation is key, and thus flexibility in sanctuary design, with an vision for comfortable and accommodating seating arrangements, is paramount. Churches should be able to make the absolute most of their sanctuary space and in turn maximize their budgets, while still accommodating its church goers. By making use of modern technology and the newest trends in fabrication, today’s churches can enjoy a variety of exceptional choices in modular, padded church chairs and church furniture.

Buyer education is key in a marketplace presenting myriad choices of church chairs and sanctuary seating – prices ranging from high to low, with variation in quality and quantity depending on make, model, and methods of manufacturing. There is much more to a simple church chair than meets the eye. When making plans to purchase seating arrangements for one’s church, one should consider everything from a chair’s internal construction (the seat and back padding materials and construction), the fabric and external frame, to its exact fit and finished appearance in order to insure that one is making a sound investment.

Quality sanctuary seating should always include heavy-duty 1″ square tube and 16 gauge steel frame construction. Seats and backs should be affixed to the frame with “T-Nuts” in ensure that these chairs will remain sturdy and solid for years to come. In addition, in order to provide for smooth movement across sanctuary carpeting and other surfaces, the end of each chair leg should come equipped with “rocker glides”.

Modern sanctuary seating has replaced traditional church pews. Today’s sanctuary chairs “gang” together easily by way of smooth, out of the way ganging devices built onto the sides of the seats. Before purchasing new sanctuary seats it is important to verify that the fabrics meet flame retardant specification CA117 and also pass a fabric durability test of 250,000 double rubs (this is called the Wyzenbeek test). In order for congregations to seat themselves comfortably, quickly, and orderly, the backs of church chairs need to be cleanly finished, with no loose ends or protruding hooks which might snag clothing or pocketbooks.

Choosing a company to provide your church with sanctuary seating and other church furnishings should be undertaken with prudence and careful planning, possibly requiring consideration by a budget committee. It is important to choose a church furniture company that focuses on customer service and attentiveness. The company should deliver the chairs fully-assembled and ready for service. Be sure that the chairs include a Lifetime Warranty on the frame welds. Choose a church furniture company where communication is easy – they should be available to answer all your questions every step of the way. They should be able to come up with a competitive quote to discuss with a church finance committee and to be able to package and ship your church furniture with the utmost of care.

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