Book Buying Guide for Babies and Toddlers

Deciding on which a course in miracles to buy for your toddler or baby can feel tremendous when standing in the children’s area of your local book store. If you find yourself looking and just not knowing which books to buy or where to begin the helpful children’s book buying tips below will make short work of your shopping.

Where to Find Books for Babies and Toddlers

Your local library and garage sales are great places to find used books for children. Most libraries hold a used book sale each year where you can buy great children’s books at rock bottom prices. Libraries also have books available to borrow for babies and toddlers. This can be a great way to introduce new books to your children.

Book of the month clubs offer an opportunity to build up your own personal library in your home. There are a wide selection of children’s book of the month clubs available where you can select books from a catalog and order them from home. Your child will get excited about selecting a new book each month and then have great anticipation waiting for his or her new book to arrive in the mail.

Choosing Storage for Children’s Books

Books should always be accessible to young children. By storing books on low book shelves or in low drawers children will be encouraged to pick up books and read.

You may find that children feel a connection to books if they help make a storage container for their books. Try getting an old cardboard box or storage container and having your child decorate the box. When the decorating is finished your child can load the box with his or her favorite books and keep it down low where they can reach in and get a book any time.

Which Book is Best for Babies and Toddlers?

Young babies like to look at colorful board books that are easy to hold and easy to handle. Thick cardboard like books or books with soft sides and vinyl covers allow babies to chew without getting hurt.

Toddlers like to read books with easy to follow story lines and simple rhyming books. Toddlers also like books that relate to their life. Such as stories about potty training or going to school, something the toddler is doing in his life.

Picture books are great for both babies and toddlers. Babies like to look at the colorful pictures and toddlers like to make up story lines to go with the pictures.

Selecting a Time to Read to Children

Babies and toddlers just love to be read to. Any time of day will work for most children when it comes to reading. A nice routine of reading at bed time or after bath time is recommended by many child development specialists.

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