Who Really Runs the U.S. Government Today mafia city hack

On November 22, 1963 the United States of America was taken over by a powerful group of individuals that included a number of CIA special team operatives, some employees and officials of the government and members of the Mafia. They did this by killing President John F. mafia city hack and putting their man, Lyndon Baines Johnson, in the White House. The group included FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Mafia Boss Carlos Marcello and Mafia Banker Meyer Lansky. Although these men are dead today their positions of power are well kept by their predecessors. I am not saying that the current FBI Director is one of them only that someone has the power that J. Edgar Hoover had.

They accomplished their feat with criminals and assets inside the government that included J. Edgar’s private army of State, County and Local government employees most of which were convinced it was their job to save the country from the National Security Threat of Communism. The ideology of self-preservation was bolstered by the military-industrial complex that reaped billions of dollars each year from the Vietnam War, something even President Eisenhower warned the country of only a few years back from Kennedy’s execution. Motive for the Mafia came from income to the tune of many billions of dollars each year from heroin sales and black market arms dealings made easy by the cover the Vietnam War provided. Some weeks prior to Kennedy’s killing he sent a memo calling for the return of American Servicemen from Vietnam and ultimately an ending of the Vietnam War. His plan was dismantled by President Lyndon Baines Johnson shortly after the new President took control of the White House.

The war grew and grew after this and thousands of young Americans fought and died for their country. Many who were fortunate enough to return found themselves being hit by rotten eggs as they stepped back onto American soil. Anti-war demonstrators, many who were U.S. Government agents under cover, would meet them with signs and slogans destroying any pride or loyalty they had left for the mission they returned from. College students were killed or beaten from coast to coast who dared to question authority of the corrupt machine running the United States of America. Experimental projects designed to artificially control human behavior by the use of drugs, torture or sexual desire were being implemented around the country leaving hundreds of dead or psychologically crippled American citizens in their wake.

There were two powerful men still alive who dared to speak out against the machine. These men were Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. They were executed in 1968 and since then no one has achieved their status in this country. People who think like they did are kept from achieving any significant power and if they start coming close they are dealt with in any number of ways to make sure that they are relegated as impotent as far as being a threat to the National Security of the United States of America. For many years those who dared to voice the word conspiracy were pounced on by numerous directions and beaten down or classified a nut-case conspiracy theorist. It didn’t matter what party was in political power. Anyone could be killed and their death ruled an accident or a suicide whether they were an average citizen or an important leader of the country. Information was passed through a criminal network that spread throughout our government like a cancer and all threats were terminated one way or another. The laws and the courts of America became a joke and thousands of people were put in prison for crimes they did not commit. Many who did commit crimes were allowed to go free by the manipulations of government and then manipulations of media convinced the public that it was true justice.

On September 11, 2001 this powerful group continued to run the government of the United States of America but National Security wasn’t really what they were most concerned with. They were using their assets to protect the security of their private power base and not the National Security of the United States of America. They did not expect an attack by the terrorists. On the day of the attack Americans and friends of freedom all over the world realized that a war had truly been waged on the United States of America. We all accepted the call to engage the enemy whenever and where-ever found. New laws have been passed including the Patriot Act that changes the legal landscape making it much harder for the illegitimate power brokers to control things the way they had. The enemy abroad and within is now finding it harder to find cover anywhere in the world. Slowly but surely the American Government is becoming a government of the people, for the people and by the people just like it is supposed to be. I know that a great many of you who read this will completely disagree with most everything that has been said. That’s fine and I understand completely how difficult it is to digest. If I had written on September 10, 2001 that; “Tomorrow terrorists will fly commercial airplanes into buildings in New York City and the Pentagon.” you would have disagreed with that too.

What has happened is we have engaged an enemy we can see instead of a shadowy puppet-master working behind the scenes all the time. This one is truly at work in sleeper cells and hides very well amongst us but is not part of the corrupt power that ran our country for so long. Due to new laws and a new fervor in America to protect our homeland from all enemies both foreign and domestic the old power base is finding it hard to keep control. It is because of this that I can write this tonight and you will be reading it. Before 9/11 no such thing could have happened. You may disagree but you must admit that it makes for; an awfully interesting or possibly insane but then again maybe brilliant observation. Do we really know who runs the government of the United States of America? If I remember correctly we really didn’t even elect our current President. The honest truth is he was put into office by the Supreme Court. Nine men and women told almost 300 million people who their President would be.

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