Turn E-Mail Subscribers to Customers Who Buy and Buy Again

text mail subscriber is a means to communicate with present and potential customers to whom you wish to sell your products or services. The concept is simple enough and the variety of software solutions available make it quite easy for even small businesses, start-ups and private to develop simple or complex campaigns to broadcast their message.

However, despite the sizes of some of my own mailing lists and the time taken to grow them, something was missing in all the activity of developing them. When I analyzed the lists and the results over a period of time, the obvious was inescapable: very few were actually buying. Very few! This caused a major analysis of what the core purpose is of creating a list of email subscribers and it does not matter who the end consumer is: (If no one on your list is buying from you, then the list is just that: a list. What you have is simply a management exercise of people, monitoring sign-ups, managing unsubscribes and consuming time with sales copy that is simply not selling to anything to anyone.

What you need to focus on is the conversion of names and addresses to actual buyers. The money is only in the list if that is the end goal and result. Here are a few ways to turn around dormant lists, create new ones and grow them exponentially. You can apply these principles to your existing lists or to entice new sign ups. They work!

Offer free products or resources. A relentless schedule of aggressive marketing can leave people feeling bombarded and disillusioned very quickly and be a key factor in their reluctance to buy or even unsubscribe. People appreciate free things and if they add value to their life or business, they are more inclined to buy from you when you build a well created and incentivized sales campaign.

The temptation in online marketing is to want to inform people of everything you do and offer. Resist this weakness. Choose just 2 or 3, maximum, items you want to profile in any given newsletter. Be specific and compelling, outline the benefits to the customer, write fresh copy for the website page they will be directed to and give a clear call to an action you want from them. In marketing, general communication is often no better than no communication. In some cases, it may be worse.

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