the mystical teachings of jesus of human past activities that are taking place on the earth surface. Teaching methods are different principles and methods that are used to instruct students in a learning environment. The methods used by a teacher will depend on the skills or information the teacher would like to convey to their students. Some of the most common teaching methods are memorization, class participation, recitation, and demonstration. While these teaching methods are widely used, every instructor has a specific teaching method. Teachers must be flexible in their methods and often adjust their style of teaching to accommodate their students.

Efficient teaching methods are essential tools that can help students achieve success in the classroom. Each student has a different personality and learning abilities. There are several factors that a teacher must consider when choosing a teaching method for their students. some determining factors for selecting a teaching method include the student’s interest and background knowledge, as well as their environment and learning abilities. Teachers also help their students learn with various aids such as Auditory, Kinesthetic, and visual aids. Instructors use these teaching methods to help students understand and complete class assignments.

Teaching method as a history often includes lesson plans that students can use to help retain and recall information. Various forms of teaching methods used with lesson plans are explanation, demonstration, and collaboration. The explanation is similar to a lecture that provides detailed information about the specific subject. Demonstrations are used to provide visual learning opportunities from different view and collaboration allows students to participate.

There are two main types of teaching methods which are a non-participatory method and participatory method. They are considered as the major categories though non-participatory methods only one type can be used which is the lecture method. This can be applied in the case of high population or large number of students in the class. The following are the major methods of teaching that are applied as the participatory methods of teaching especially in teaching history:

1. STORYTELLING METHOD – These are methods of teaching that is applied as the main method particularly in the low population classes. For instance, when teaching in the class you mainly may decide to choose some certain topic and tell the story related so as to attract the understanding of the students to understand the lesson. The teacher ensures the time scheduled in the time table and the scheme of work of the lesson plan and lesson notes are all following in a smooth.

2. DEMONSTRATION METHOD – Teaching strategies is the careful plan of actions to achieve a goal, or the art of developing, or carry out such a scheme. This is an elaborate and systematic plan of action. This is all plan made to help learners to access the information. Teaching strategies can apply for this and not for that. Teaching strategies should aim at involving audio, visual, and audiovisual and kinesthetic learning aids. The demonstration method may be applied in a small class different from lecture method that can be applied where the class population is high.

3. QUESTION AND ANSWER METHOD- These methods also refer to the system under which applied by teaching in the class to make sure that the students are memorizing and assure the understanding is becoming very high in class. The prior knowledge of the student is considered to be of very important. From this fountain is where the trench of knowledge is to dig to make a big and wide canal of knowledge. Through this means, it assures the students and the teacher to share deferments issues.

4. DEBATE METHOD – This applied by the teacher depending on the nature of the class that whoever the class is small or large, it will enable a teacher to design on the changes upon a class. For example; attaining of instructional objectives depend on the method used. If the objectives need the student to list, mention or naming then the teaching method.

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