Perfect Eyebrows: Do They Even Exist?

What makes a pair of eyebrow tattoo Perth perfect? Is there some specific shape of the eyebrows that can be deemed “perfect”? The answer to this question is, obviously, no: when you look around, you’ll notice a wide range of different shapes, forms and colors. Besides, while some people pluck their eyebrows into a thin line, others prefer a more natural look.

Why are we, then, so frequently unsatisfied with them? We wax them, trim them, shave them, thread them, tweeze them! Some people also color them, or use eyebrow wigs. They are either too bushy, or too thin; too dark, or too fair. We dream about having a more dramatic arch, or we want to downplay it with subtle curves… There always seems to be either too much or too little hair!

“Barely there” or bushy eyebrows? It’s not all about the fashion – it is actually more important than you think! The shape of your eyebrows can change the appearance of your whole eye area. You want them to frame your eyes and balance your face features! And your eyebrows really have the power to do that! Since no face is the same, no eyebrow can be the same: in any case, the eyebrows need to compliment one’s look.

What can be done if you are not satisfied with your natural eyebrows? Firstly, tread lightly! Leave that tweezers alone! It is a good idea to leave the whole eyebrow shaping business to professionals. Once you find a beautician you trust, and you are satisfied with the results of their work, your eyebrows will need to be touched up every three to four weeks. Typically, your eyebrow expert is going to eliminate overgrowth and any stray hair that may pop up between the eyebrows or under the brow bone.

If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, don’t get too tweezer-happy! Before getting any work done on your eyebrows, take some time to think things through, in order to make sure that you are indeed going to be satisfied with the results. It is too easy for beginners to end up with overly plucked out eyebrows. Luckily, this is an error that is easy to fix: you just need to wait it out until they grow back in – and remember the lesson the next time you tweeze!

If they seem to grow too slowly, or they are not growing naturally on their own at all, you can try applying growth enhancement products rich with vitamins and essential oil. Brushing your eyebrows also helps. While you wait for your eyebrows to grow back, use make-up to fill in where necessary.

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