Kissable Lips Again – Three Top Lip Enhancement Strategies

Look in the mirror carefully. Remember how full your lip tattoo perth looked when you were younger? Is it possible that your lips are shrinking? And what about those annoying lip lines that only look more noticeable when you try to camouflage them with make-up?

The truth always hammers away at our illusions, but it’s basically true. As you’ve aged, lip muscles have tensioned to cause lip wrinkles. Meanwhile, the actual volume of your lips has slowly diminished. Lip tone and firmness has “flattened out”. Worse yet, past luscious lip color has slowly paled.

Smokers accept that they’ll create lip wrinkles. However, if you’re one of the millions of women who’ve never smoked, then you’re right to be frustrated by the emergence of these fine lip wrinkles and lip lines. For awhile, ordinary cosmetics gave the cover-up necessities to make you look OK. However, time pecks away and now those lip lines have deepened and make-up only produces garish colored shadow-lines… creating an eye-catching draw to your wrinkles.

Purified and safe FDA approved bovine collagen material is “harvested” from source beasties, placed in a refrigerated vial and delivered “fresh” each day to cosmetic surgeons performing collagen lip enhancement surgery. You’ll receive a local anesthetic in order to numb the treatment area. Based on your lip size and shape, along with the depth or volume of the lip lines, the ideal amount of collagen is carefully injected. Results? You get luscious lips once again.

Who’d ever think that your fat butt might be the source of “material” to create full sensuously curved lips? Such a transfer happens all the time as women re-create their lip shape by undergoing lip enhancement surgery using their body’s own spare “stores” of fat as the source material. Using your own body fat keeps the matter “in-house”, removing any health risk of tissue rejection which can occur when you inject fat cells harvested from an animal or another human. Adding just 10% to 20% additional volume to your lips will make a world of difference. More firm sensuous plump lips create a beautiful smile, plus reduce lip wrinkles.

A technology break-through enjoyed by millions of men and women since the 1990’s is the treatment of lip wrinkles and lip lines using completely synthetic injectable materials, such as proprietary Restylane or Hydrafill. Over lunch you can receive Restylane treatment to fill-in medium to deep creases, lines, folds along with “crows feet” lines.Synthetic fillers like Restylane are designed with three different “strengths” or viscosity, in order to achieve different semi-permanent results. Your dermatologist and you need to carefully determine how much change you’re seeking, and which grade of synthetic matches your needs.

Getting the right look means choosing the right cosmetic surgeon. Only trust someone with a proven track record in lip augmentation surgery. You must act defensively, because leaving the out patient surgery center with a crooked smile or with unnaturally large and plump lips would be devastating. Everyone would instantly notice… especially when a major mistake occurs.

Any lip injection therapy will be semi-permanent. Bio-sourced collagen and fat will eventually become absorbed by your body. Your results from these bio-sourced lip fillers is counted on one hand, from 2 to 4 months maximum. Synthetics may last twice that long, or up to 9 months before re-treatment is necessary. Learn more about lip enhancement treatments, costs, health risks, what takes place in the treatment, how to choose the right cosmetic surgeon and more.

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