Is It Worth Upgrading To Microsoft Office 2010?

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise was launched in the August 1989 as commercial office suite containing relevant desktop applications and services. Today, it is a coined suite for every computer user to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and sending/receiving emails. More than 500 millions of users are using Microsoft Office around the globe.

Features of Office 2010

Following are the new features introduced in the Office 2010. If you’re facing some problem with these features then take help of Microsoft Office Support.

Enhanced Picture Editing

All the programs of Microsoft Office 2010 have enhanced image editing pictures. You can perform the advanced editing options like removing the background images, increasing the brightness of selected portion or adding special effects in the Office itself.

Multiple Authoring

Share a document with other users on the network and author it collectively from different machines. The changes will be live to all users immediately without any delay or save. You can do co-authoring for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

Outlook Social Connector provides quick view of emails, attachments, and appointments. You can use it to get the information of selected persons from different online social networks.

PowerPoint Broadcast Slide Show

This feature allows you to stream your PowerPoint presentations to the audiences over a network. It doesn’t matter whether a viewer have the PowerPoint installed in their computer or not. They’ll get the live streaming in their Web browsers.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 is more intelligent than its predecessors. It has numerous new features including Linked Notes, auto highlighting, page version tracking etc. You can now organize audio & video files, share text & images, and track document versions using it.

Microsoft Excel 2010 has improved analytical and chart features. You can use Sparklines to have a compact and clear presentation of the visual data. Slicers help you to filter the PivotTable and segment it in different layers.

The traditional menu system is replaced with Microsoft Office BackStage. Now, it provides enhanced menu system and Ribbon interface.

Most of the new features introduced in Microsoft Office 2010 are more useful for the business or commercial users instead of home users. If you’ve previously upgraded to Office 2007 and only using it for your home, then it doesn’t worth to spend $100 to $150 for business class features. In addition, Office 2012 is in pipeline and Microsoft has plans to release in the middle or end of the coming year 2012. This will surely have more advanced features and better user interface enhancements over Office 2010.

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