How to Prepare for Your New Kitten

Purchasing a carrier for your shorthair kittens for sale near me should be one of the first things on your shopping list when preparing for your new kitten, as you will most likely use it to take your new pet home in. There are lots of different kinds of carriers to choose from, and many have different pros.

The most important thing to check is that it will be safe and comfortable for your kitten to be kept in. It is a good idea to check some reviews before buying, as this will give you an idea of how good the product is. You can also add a soft towel or a blanket to make your carrier extra comfortable for him or her.

If you don’t want your new kitten to sleep in your bed with you or on your couch in the living room when preparing for your new kitten, you can provide your cat with its own bed. There are lots of different beds on offer from luxurious abodes to a simple cushion.

You could even donate one of your old jumpers to him or her, as it will smell like you, and get them more used to your scent. Make sure that whatever you choose, your kitty can get in and out from it easily.

It is a good idea to buy the same food that the breeder has been feeding your kitten, when preparing for your new kitten as that is what they will be used to. Make sure that it is kitten specific, so that he or she will get all of the nutrients they need.

Keep your kitty hydrated too, by always making sure that their bowl is filled with water. Kitten milk can be given as a rare treat! Your new pet will need their own food bowls to stop them from stealing other pets’ food!

A Litter Tray
You will obviously need to get your kitten a litter tray, when preparing for your new kitten unless you want some little ‘presents’ around the house! There are many to choose from so you can pick whatever one you think is best for your new kitten. Just make sure that there will be plenty of room for them to dig around in, so they can comfortably do their business.

When preparing for your new kitten, you should definitely purchase some toys! Toys provide mental and physical stimulation for your kitten, and also allow you to develop a close bond between the two of you.

A small ball is always a good idea, as kittens love to chase them around. Another toy that kittens generally like to play with is a stick with a feather hanging from it. Kittens can bat their little paws at them for hours!

Kitten Proofing Your Home
To your kitten, your house is like a huge playground, so when preparing for your new kitten, it is a good idea to close up any small spaces they may get stuck in, like behind the fridge! Keep any rooms that you don’t want your kitten to wander into shut, kitten’s love to play around with toilet roll so the bathroom door is a good one to keep shut, unless you want a huge mess.

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