A Vibrant Boxing Day in Sydney 2021

Boxing Day is celebrated on the day after Christmas every year and is specific only to a few countries, mainly the UK and its commonwealth countries and some European countries. The day’s origin has manifold แทงมวย, but the most meaningful of these was that it was traditionally a day off for servants during the British aristocracy.

They had to work on Xmas Day and then were given a Christmas ‘box’ the next day along with their day off. This tradition received various modifications over the years with people making donations and other charities to the needy. Regardless, Boxing Day was built on the meaning of giving even before it got recognized as a holiday. The following is a short overview of the things you would want to try out and experience for Boxing Day in Sydney.

Sydney is the sun-soaked capital of New South Wales and is also one of the most populous cities in Australia. Famous for its breezy beaches on the coastline, pristine bushlands, manicured parks in the heart of the city and a sophisticated food and drink culture, this luxurious city is undoubtedly a tourist hotspot. Boxing Day in Sydney has become an after-Christmas-sale day, with numerous retailers advertising big for this special occasion.

Other than these, there are some other celebrations spread across the capital. The harbour invites a lot of tourists and natives for numerous activities including the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Get on the Boxing Day harbour cruise and watch the amazing start of the race away from the hassles of the crowd. These lunch cruises let you enjoy the buzz of the harbour prior to the kick-off along with a restaurant-quality buffet lunch. Select the multi-million dollar catamaran from an array of vessels and witness the exciting start to the iconic race from the three expansive outer decks.

Relish the impressive harbour views along with the famous landmarks, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and many more whilst you feast on the unlimited buffet prepared freshly by the onboard chefs. You can always purchase drinks from the fully licensed bar onboard but it is better to choose a beverage package for a more relaxed and convenient experience. Additionally, this fully air-conditioned cruise has modern interiors and many amenities including the panoramic windows for viewing. The captain of the cruise makes his most effort to offer you the best possible viewing locations, aided by the Maritime authorities, so hop on the Boxing Day lunch cruise Sydney for a vibrant experience.

There’s no better occasion to get your adrenaline going and face your fears than Boxing Day. If you’re a resident in Sydney head to Wollongong, Newcastle or Hunter Valley for a thrilling tandem skydive and this the best way to overcome the post-Christmas slump. Get your blood pumping and dive from 15,000 feet above the sea level, as you plunge towards the New South Wales coastline, you will immediately realise that this experience is unparalleled and you will need to taste the bliss again and again!

You’ll freefall at 240 km/h for about 60 seconds, followed by a 5-7 minutes of calm parachute descent. The accompanying personnel are highly trained professionals with latest safety measures and technologies that will definitely guarantee your safety and ensure a stress-free experience. Furthermore, you can opt to attend the Accelerated Freefall skydiving course, if you want to up the ante and plunge solo. So get your head in the clouds, get high on adrenaline, conquer your fears and enjoy the bliss that resides on the other side on this epic skydiving.

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