5 Questions to Ask of a Potential Architectural Firm Hire

If you want a home or office building that resonates with your personality, then when it comes time to build, chances are, you are not going to find a single blueprint that meets your every whim and want. Consequently, you will need to merge two or possibly three, sets of floor plans in order to create a space that is exactly as you desire it to be. Should you find yourself in this position, then you will also want to choose an Palm Springs architects firm that is able to carry out your plans.

However, no matter whether you live in a small town in Texas or a big city like Boston, architectural firms are there and each of them will have their own personalities and abilities to help you attain your dream. But how do you begin to select one architectural firm over another? After all, each of them promises to be the best! Here are five questions to ask when selecting an architectural firm to design your dream location.

1. Do you have a local license? An architect firm must be registered with the local board of architects. Ask to see their license. Note the date issued and any other information so you can follow up on this. Doing the follow up will give you a chance to get feedback about a particular architectural firm directly from their peers.

2. Can you show me a portfolio? You need to know they can accomplish the task you have for them. Well-established companies will a wide variety of job pictures they can share. While looking at the portfolio, be sure to find out which projects that architectural firm’s architects actually completed. As architects often move from location to location, it is not unusual for a portfolio to contain pics of work done at another office.

3. Can I visit a recent or current job site? Not only should you be able to see pictures of completed jobs, but will want to see work they are currently doing and talk to the residents of completed projects. Be sure that when you view any completed/current job sites that you talk to the owners and find out what they think about how their work was handled.

4. Which contractors do you work with in completing a job? Typically, an architectural firm put together the design, and then work with area contractors to accomplish the job. The firm will monitor the work to make sure it goes as planned. By asking for a list of their contractors, you can take some time to check out the type of work policies and practices they have, as well.

5. Will the person I meet today, be the person who works on my project? Quite often, you meet one architect in the initial phase meeting and then the project is passed along to someone else. Ask to meet all those who might be directing your project. In addition, it is not unusual for an architectural firm’s principals to show up for a presentation but then send a less experienced staff person to do the project. Ask for a contract or written agreement that identifies which people will be working on your project.

When it comes to making your architectural design dreams a reality, you don’t want to mess around! Make a wise selection in your architectural firm so that the result exceeds your wildest dream rather than falling dreadfully short.

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